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Autocomplete Lookup

Quickly find and choose relevent information

Are your users frustrated using standard SharePoint lookup fields? Are they tired of endless clicking to get necessary information filled out? Our Autocomplete Lookup allows users to lookup data with typing just a fragment. The Autocomplete Lookup can be configured to show information from several data fields - for example, you may search company entering VAT payer code fragment and Autocomplete Lookup field shows you company title and address. No clicking required, no more pop-up screens – user just types a fragment and selects a value.

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ToDo List Web Part

Know and manage your todo’s with ease

Tired of losing sticky notes on your desk? Try using our ToDo List Web Part. ToDo List Web Part provides users a quick and easy way to manage personal to-do notes. To-do notes are stored in the Task list. The Task list can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2010 task list. Each ToDo item corresponds to a task in Microsoft Outlook.

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Birthday Web Part

Never forget your contacts birthdays

Is it difficult to remember all your customers’ birthdays or anniversaries? Use our Birthday Web Part which can be configured to take data from any SharePoint list.

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